I’m Dan.

I’m an Actor, Musician and Composer.

Sometimes I keep the different facets of my work segregated. Sometimes I find myself working in two, and occasionally even all three disciplines simultaneously. I find this hugely exciting and stimulating, as there are so many ways each of them can inform the others.

This is my Home page. It’s about me and what I do. No doubt you’ll have already formed your own impression of who I am and what I’m like, but here are a few more pointers:

I’ve been working in the industry for 18 years. I like the tried and tested, but I’m always doing something new. I love devising, playing and exploring. I believe in doing everything to the best of my ability, whatever it is, but I don’t believe in taking myself too seriously. I’m proud of the fact that without exception, everyone I have worked with has invited me to work with them again - I’m interested in people and I’m pretty sure that connecting makes anything possible.

I hope you’ll want to know more......

Dan Willis 2016


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